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To memorize the Quran, it is good to have good and pure intentions. Memorizing the Quran should be for God because there is a reward for the people who read and memorize the holy book. Successful memorizing of the Quran can be done if one corrects their recitations and pronunciation. If an individual is to memorize the Quran, they have to listen to another individual well vast in reciting it to correct their pronunciation. People have to have teachers who are reciters of the Quran to memorize it. Individuals have to set a specific limit of verses they want to learn daily, which should be reasonable. A limitation is good because one can read many verses and not remember them; therefore, setting a daily target for the verses one can read and memorize is necessary. To make memorizing effective, people should understand the meaning of each verse they are reciting in the Quran. It also helps individuals know-how verses are linked to each other. The tafsir for the verses one is reciting should be read to know the explanation of the words. Understanding is an essential component in memorizing anything, including the Holy Quran.

Continued recitation and revision are recommended for one to memorize the holy book. This is encouraged after correcting the pronunciation and setting the daily limit. The recitation can happen anywhere the individual is comfortable reciting the sacred book. Again, an individual can use a pencil to underline some verses from the Quran and words, making memorizing the Quran easy. An individual should acquire a standard Quran to carry it wherever they go. The Quran should be recited in a melodious tune, and this way, it will be easy to remember and conform to the prophet’s sunnah. Everyone should know their memorization style and use it accordingly to understand the Quran more. A person can copy what they learn in a notebook.

Whichever method an individual finds suitable to them should be used continually to help memorize the Quran and the message from Allah. Therefore, while memorizing the Quran, people should avoid all distractions. If devices can cause distractions, they need to be put off.

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