AlQuran House

Reading Quran basics


The first step to reading is familiarizing yourself with the Arabic language. This involves proper understanding articulation, strategic pauses, and pronunciation of words in the language. It also consists of making sense of the rules governing short and long vowels and consonants. This is very important for accurate recitation. This crucial base of the Quran is known as Norani Qaida. The next step is learning to read. This involves consistently practicing the verses and grasping them all until you achieve consistent reading without hesitation in your statements. Tajweed helps to determine the stopping points and the permissible waqf during recitation. One should pay attention to the rules and regulations to ensure that the meanings of the sentences recited are maintained as intended. This enables one to achieve high levels of efficiency and perfection, allowing them to score distinctive high grades. The final step is choosing the recitation style. Once the learner has fully accustomed to all the initial steps described above, he will select a recitation style that suits his voice. The different recitation styles are called Qira’at. The academy avails the necessary literature materials to cater to learners at all stages of the reading procedure. Teachers guide on matters of linguistic rules, including their application in speech and recitation, and inform the students of the various recitation styles that are acceptable in practice. They also explain the roles and importance of every step, giving the students essential background knowledge of the course. Our academy guides students throughout the learning process.