AlQuran House

Quran Tajweed


It is a set of rules that guides the correct pronunciation of letters with their specific qualities and moderates the application of ancient recitation techniques. Every Muslim is expected to know the rules of tajweed and practice them in recitation, ensuring that the intended message of the Quran and meanings of the words are not distorted during the process. There are three types of recitation; • At tahqeeq; this is a recitation process that involves the active deliberation of the words and content while focusing on the meanings and applying all the rules of Tajweed, therefore, pronouncing each word correctly. It is a slow method of recitation. • Al had; this is a quick recitation of the Quran while adhering to tajweed rules. • At tadweer; this is a moderate recitation of the Quran while adhering to the rules of tajweed and maintaining the message and meanings of words and phrases. Grasping the rules and regulations of recitation is vital for attaining efficiency in speech mastery of language and interpretation of texts. Active involvement of experts in recitation is an initiative that helps the students grasp the most delicate details that lie in the grammatical requirements of the Quran. Our academy has many moderators who have mastered tajweed, and they employ their experience and expertise when listening to students recite and correcting their mistakes by showing them how it is done right. We also give equal chances of recitation to students and encourage listening, allowing everyone to maximize the opportunity for perfection.