AlQuran House

Quran Memorization


It is religiously understood as hifz, which is committing the Holy Quran to memory and understanding the interpretation of the verses. As described by Allah’s messenger Abdullah Ibn Amr, one who memorizes the Quran will achieve a high status in paradise depending on how much they can accurately recite from their memory of recitation on earth. The hafiz should not forget the Quran once memorized and should constantly practice recalling the different verses and the interpretation of each. One should do memorization with pure intention and a humble heart. This strengthens one’s spiritual knowledge and helps them lead an acceptance lifestyle that promotes coherence and peace in society. Memorization is a gradual process that should be done meticulously to ensure the student achieves the desired milestones within a short time. Our academy has an established program that outlines the various methods to use to achieve total memorization of the Quran. Besides, the students are expected to recite the memorized parts as they progress before their teachers for assessment and ensure continuity in the procedure. We teach the rules and regulations that guide recitation and help the students integrate them into memorization to achieve the mastery of Tajweed and top-notch recitation and memorization. Our teaching system focuses on helping the students deal with their speech and other linguistic problems by providing guidance and tutorials that highlight those aspects. Besides that, we encourage knowledge acquisition since it has a reward at the end.