AlQuran House

Islamic Studies


It is the investigative study of the Islamic religion, majoring in analyzing its origin and gradual change or static nature over time by evaluating texts, historical writings, and theologies within and from other religious views. It is an interdenominational and interdisciplinary study process that incorporates experts from various fields and involves the exchange of ideas according to the areas of interest and establishing the achievements of the Islamic world from its past as well as charting its future. These studies also tend to establish the basis of the Islamic faith and their undying thirst for spiritual enlightenment and truth. The Islamic literature, art, architecture, law, and sciences, when analyzed, help to establish the kinds of relations that Islam holds with other denominations. The Islamic culture embodies good deeds as part of spiritual achievements and aims at receiving the ultimate divine love based on the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Our academy has experts who analyze and interpret the content of Islamic literature, art, architecture, law, and sciences and passes this information to the students. As an institution, we also support the endeavors of research that contribute to the development of various aspects of the Islamic religion. Since the information is vital to the cultural history of Islam, we embrace our cultural heritage and teach it to the students to ensure the preservation of all of its relevant aspects. Our institution also focuses on the spiritual enlightenment of students by observing all rules of prayer. We make sure our guidance helps students to achieve excellent grades.