AlQuran House

Arabic conversation


Quran is written in Arabic, and it is Allah who chose the language. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to ensure that they learn the Arabic language to understand the prophet’s language and interpret the word of Allah by praying and reading the Quran. Talking in the prophet’s language helps sharpen students’ communication skills. Learning Arabic will lead to improved conversations in the language, making children appear sophisticated and clever, improving their self-esteem and confidence. It will be easy to understand the Quran with the Arabic grammar since it is written in Arabic words bringing one close to Allah because they will understand His word. Knowledge of Arabic grammar helps Muslims all over the world to be able to understand one another and interact more. Consequently, one can benefit from this course. Our academy emphasizes learning the Arabic language so that conversations in Arabic can be easy between students and teachers. Our school has a rich source of materials in the Arabic language, which students have access to and can perfect their Arabic language, making it possible to read the Quran and understand the prophet’s word. With improved Arabic grammar, Quran learning becomes quick. We have videos where we watch the Arabic language with translation for better understanding. The study has enabled them to gain excellent skills in conversing in Arabic due to good mastery of Arabic grammar. In this course, we ensure that students learn the art of being consistent in studying because this is the only way to ensure they can converse in Arabic.