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Learning the Quran helps people heal in their souls with mercy and peace. Learning the Quran helps one forgive themselves, acquire life satisfaction, and move on with life. Learning the Quran is essential because it allows people to move from darkness to light. They understand life and its rules and draw wisdom from the critical book to deal with various issues. There are many stories of messengers of Allah and His prophets and what they passed through in their lives. There is also how they used to pray to Allah when faced with hard times. These stories help teach people today that what they are going through is what prophets and messengers of Allah passed through, and they are guided on what to do to overcome the hardships. Learning the Quran draws one closer to God because there are explanations of what people should do to avoid sin and be closer to God. People are guided by the Quran to know Allah more and do what He requires. It also helps raise one’s position in heaven because as one continually reads and learns more about the scriptures, the more they are honored by Allah and their positions raised in paradise.

            On the day of judgment, Muslims who have recited the Quran will be saved from hellfire because Allah will forgive those who have recited the Quran. It is seen as an intercessor on the day of judgment. It is believed that an individual who does not know the Quran and how to recite it is like a ruined house. This helps people to have love and purity in their hearts. Learning the Quran is essential and beneficial to Muslims because it increases people’s Iman. Iman is the faith that one has in Islam. By learning the Quran, an individual gets to have more faith in the message of Allah and what He requires people to do. Learning the Quran helps protect people from the evil.

            Learning the Quran helps understand it, and Muslims should read and ensure they understand it to increase their knowledge of Allah. Learning the Quran will help people move away from immorality because there are ways they can engage themselves to run away from such sin in the Quran.

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